Leo is currently Head of Year 10 at St Ignatius College in Enfield.


Leo is also an experienced trainer and facilitator in the area of County Lines, and has developed a comprehensive training programme that he delivers in primary and secondary schools, organisations, churches, practitioners, parents, youth workers and more.  Leo's work in the area of County Lines has gained huge traction, where he has been awarded funding through MOPAC, and the Mayor of London's Young Londoner's Fund.

Leo began working with young people in 2010, where he was first invited to become a volunteer Youth Leader for Jubilee Church London in Enfield.  Over the years, Leo has pastorally supported, and mentored numerous young people, and has proven himself as a positive and influential role model within a church context and the community of Enfield.


Mentoring has been a key driver in helping to shape and change the lives of young people that Leo has worked with, so much so that he went on to pioneer and develop “The Youth Mentoring Project” as part of his role at Jubilee Church London. The project was designed to offer a free mentoring service, where volunteer mentors are placed in to secondary schools within the Borough of Enfield for those who are deemed to be “at risk” students.

In 2017 Leo worked for two years within the education sector as a Senior Behaviour Supervisor at Chace Community School in Enfield, where he mentored, pastored and and supported a large number of students who were experiencing a variety of school and life challenges.  

In 2019 Leo took on the role as a mentor in Feltham Youth Offenders Institute working for the organisation Roadlight, where he worked with the most challenging, high risk offenders in the country.

Leo has also developed a strong and healthy relationship with Enfield Council, and has been invited to speak at various community events.  Andrea Clemons, Head of Community Safety for the Borough of Enfield quoted, " Leo is a charismatic and well-prepared speaker, who has an appealing style for a wide range of audiences.

Leo's desire, drive and determination to see change in this generation is evident in every area of work he is involved with.  He is passionate and purposeful in his pursuit to improve the outcomes of young people, and to be the voice of change that will inspire and influence for many years to come.

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