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Leo Powell is one of the UK's leading Independent County Lines educators, delivering assemblies and talks in primary, secondary schools, and colleges across the UK.  Leo's work as a County Lines educator is crucial in safeguarding and protecting young people from the dangers of gang involvement and exploitation. His dedication and passion for this cause have made him a respected and sought-after figure in the field of County Lines education.


 Having worked with young people in gang-affiliated environments, particularly those in the criminal justice system, Leo has first-hand knowledge of the dangers and consequences of being involved in County Lines activities. He has also extensively researched the subject, drawing on the expertise of experienced practitioners in the field of gangs, County Lines, and child criminal exploitation.

Leo's passion for educating and safeguarding young people has led him to develop a comprehensive County Lines education programme, which he delivers to a wide range of audiences including practitioners, youth organizations, churches, communities, and parents. This programme has been praised for its effectiveness in providing practical advice and guidance to young people and those working with them.

Leo's work in the area of County Lines has gained huge traction and recognition, with features on prominent media outlets such as BBC London News, the BBC News website, BBC Radio London and Radio 5 Live.

Leo's passion for working with young people spans over 14 years, during which he has worked in multiple sectors. Starting as a Youth Pastor at Jubilee Church London for 10 years, he then went on to work as a Senioir Behaviour Mentor at Chase Community School in Enfield. He later worked as a mentor at HMYOI Feltham, before returning to education as a Head of Year at St Ignatius College in Enfield. 

Leo's work with young people has not only inspired him to become a County Lines educator but has also led him to explore other avenues, such as filmmaking.  Leo has produced three short films, which have collectively amassed over four million views on Youtube. The Metropolitan Police and the London VRU have recognised and funded Leo's work, which has helped produce two of the short films.

One of the factors that makes Leo's assemblies and films so impactful, is his ability to tell stories that resonate with young people. He addresses topics that are relevant to their lives and uses his storytelling skills to captivate and engage them, in the hope that they will learn valuable lessons.

In addition to his work as a County Lines Educator and Filmmaker, Leo is also a Pastor at The Peniel Centre church in Cheshunt.

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