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County lines assemblies

County lines is a term that has been making headlines in recent years, and for good reason. It is a form of criminal activity that targets vulnerable young people, often children as young as 12, and exploits them for the purpose of drug trafficking. This dangerous and illegal practice has become a widespread issue in the UK, with children from all backgrounds being targeted by criminal gangs. In order to combat this growing problem, educators like Leo Powell have taken it upon themselves to educate young people about the dangers of county lines.

Leo Powell, a County Lines Educator, has delivered assemblies and talks to thousands of students across the UK, ranging from primary schools to secondary schools and colleges. His talks are tailor-made to ensure they are age-appropriate, with one designed for Key Stage 2 and Year 7 students, and another for those in Key Stages 3, 4, and 5. This means that students of all ages are able to learn about the dangers of county lines in a way that is suitable for their level of understanding.

Leo's assemblies and talks aim to educate young people about the warning signs of county lines and how to stay safe. He covers various topics such as how to identify and avoid grooming, the risks and consequences of getting involved in county lines, and how to seek help if they or someone they know is being targeted. By providing this knowledge, Leo hopes to empower young people to make informed choices and resist the pressures from criminal gangs.

What makes Leo's assemblies and talks truly effective is his ability to pitch them perfectly at the right level for each age group. His talks for younger students are interactive and engaging, using age-appropriate language and activities to deliver the important message. For older students, Leo delves deeper into the complexities of county lines, discussing topics such as the links between county lines and other forms of crime, including violence and exploitation.

Ultimately, Leo's assemblies are designed to give children and young people the tools they need to keep themselves safe, and for educational establishments to be secure in knowing that their students have been educated to a sufficient level to make the right choices. This has been reflected in the numerous testimonials received from schools, praising Leo for his passion, energy, and knowledge when delivering his talks. These attributes help to create the perfect atmosphere for learning, where students and staff alike are able to gain a better understanding of the multi-faceted dimensions of county lines.

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